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How Do I Change My Scooter Tire?
Scooters are available in an infinite combo of outputs, drive types, capacities, and sizes. This technical blog about Scooter Tire Replacement is aimed at helping new scooter owners understand the theory behind different tire applications.
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X-Treme Rubicon / Sedona 36v Lithium Battery Pack           5 of 5 stars X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt Battery
by John-Michael Mahnke

I have an X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt Silver Electric Bicycle. I learned that the parts from the X-Treme Sedona/ Rubicon 36 Volt have been discontinued including the battery. I have a New X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Blue Electric Bicycle that I have and lots of fun to ride and has more power then the X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt does, I highly recommend getting the New X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Electric Bicycle, you will have lots of fun riding it.

EcoReco L5+ Electric Scooter           4 of 5 stars Pretty good, with a few bugs.
by Matthew Belben

Didn't buy it here but thought I'd write a review for anyone looking to drop $1k on this scooter. I've had it a little over a year and a half now, used pretty heavily with just under 2000 miles on it. So far it's performed well, and has made me REALLY lazy about taking the bike. It fits under the seat of the public buses, can be wheeled around in some stores, and it generally really convenient. Overall it's worth the cost. At my 140lbs body weight it'll go about 25mph (where the speedometer maxes out), and the range seems to be right at 20 miles if you don't do anything to try and extend it, like riding slower. On rough pavement the shocks are a must, and it still isn't as smooth as a bike, but not having to fix flats all the time more than makes up for it. It's had something like 150 charge cycles and I haven't noticed any change in performance. Charging does take a while, and I charge it outside considering the stories I've heard of scooters catching on fire. Bugs: #1 lesson with this thing is that THREAD LOCK IS YOUR FRIEND. Don't buy this scooter without buying a tube of LocTite at the same time. The blue kind works fine. They do apply thread lock at the factory but were skimpy with it on mine, and over the first few months a few different bolts came loose. That included the nut on the front axle, which I thankfully noticed in time. Go through and re-thread-lock the nuts and re-check all of them periodically. Second is that it isn't *really* waterproof, but that can be improved by silicone sealing the cable holes in the battery compartment. I've ridden in rain and through puddles with no problem. Note it has VERY little traction on wet pavement though. The lack of nonskid on the deck surprisingly isn't really a problem. It doesn't come with a front light and there are no good places to mount one - you'll have to get creative. It also doesn't have a mirror, but you actually can put a Mirracle mirror in the end of the handlebar if you poke through the rubber endcap. There was a lot of friction in the rear wheel for the first ~6 mo I rode it, and it basically didn't coast at all, until it did. Not sure what caused that and it wasn't the brake, and there didn't seem to be a decrease in speed or range. The drum brake is kind of garbage and it can't lock the rear wheel, even after adjustment and even with the help of the magnetic braking. Plan all your moves ahead of time because the stopping distance sucks. Finally, the current thing that's kind of irking me: the replacement parts are overpriced. $10 for a plastic sleeve. $20 for two bolts. The front wheel seems to last forever but the back one is now bald. I called them and they said you can't buy the tire by itself without the motor anymore; it's a $120 "all-in-one" package in order to "increase reliability" because it has "fewer moving parts". Uh huh.

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