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How Do I Change My Scooter Tire?
Scooters are available in an infinite combo of outputs, drive types, capacities, and sizes. This technical blog about Scooter Tire Replacement is aimed at helping new scooter owners understand the theory behind different tire applications.
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Mongoose Wanderer AL Tandem Bike (26-Inch Wheels)           5 of 5 stars STOLEN TWICE
by Karen Gurnari

My mother purchased this exact bike for me in the early 2000's. I absolutely loved it! I had wished for a tandem most of my life. A few years ago, it was stolen by a homeless person but I was able to locate it (stripped, serial # sanded off & spray painted). A friend fixed it and painted it for me and, with double locks, etc, it was stolen again just a couple months ago! I would love to purchase another, if you get any in stock. I'm just devastated over the loss.

MotoTec Electric Trike 48v 800w           5 of 5 stars Mototec 800w 48v now its 58.8v and lithium powered
by Brian Mendell

After being hit with a stray bullet a few years ago i went and purchased this trike.... And after owning this trike for about 8 months and doing a few up grades like... 58.8v 20ah lithium battery, gps speedometer, brake lights and turn signals and most importantly dirt bike hydraulic brakes in the rear and a drum brake on the front.. its very important for these last two up grades if you like to go fast and stay alive..... Lol.. i also have a watt meter hooked up that says my scooter is putting out 1246 watts.. and not 800... And on a flat road I can get up to 35 -38 mph down hill i get 50 mph... So do you see where the hydraulic brakes in the rear come in lol........ omg man do i love my scoot scoot.... I wish i could show pics..

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