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Norman The Dog Rides a Human Scooter!!!

Norman the Scooter-Riding Dog rides a human scooter, which looks to be a Nextsport Fuzion Asphalt Ultimate Carving Machine Scooter! What better way to show off your pups "talents" than to film them riding a scooter and putting it on Youtube? LOL! Norman the scooter-riding dog is so amazing that he started a Facebook page for himself!? OMG!?...

Published on 06/29/11 Read Article
Burning Man Moves By Home Made Transportation

Burning man is not easy to explain, and if you try to look burning man up, you will get the same answer from most that have been there. “You have to go to understand Burning Man.” Flocks of unique-minded liberal party survivalists migrate to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to form a temporary community to host a giant art show. The art ranges from Body-art to home-made vehicles, structures, games, rides, and interesting experiments....

Published on 06/21/11 Read Article