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50cc Scooters

The Best 50cc Gas Scooters on the Market, according to are the Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board and the X-Treme XG-550 Gas Scooter. According to, cc is shorthand for Cubic Centimeter. The cc tells us all about an engine's power as it is "the unit of measurement used to describe the volume in the engine's firing cylinders displaced by the pistons, which is why it is also referred to as engine displacement." As a rule of thumb, the more CCs a scooter has, the bigger the engine tends to be. Street Legal Scooters can have two or four-stroke engines, with 50cc being ideal for most Scooter Enthusiasts. In many states (this varies) a 50cc Scooter does not necessitate a special motorcycle drivers license. In fact, most states only require a regular drivers license. For this reason, among others, 50cc Scooters tend to be the most popular.

Published on 10/31/12 Read Article