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Mobility Scooters for People with Disabilities

Mobility Scooters are a wonderful option for those who are suffering from limited mobility. A Mobility Scooter is similar to an Electric Wheelchair, but it is configured like a Motor Scooter. It is often called a power-operated vehicle/scooter or Electric Scooter as well. One thing people love about Mobility Scooters is that they don’t look like Wheel Chairs. This is particularly important for younger people with disabilities. Many people just don’t like the idea of using wheelchairs, and Power Scooters are a great solution for those who want their mobility partnered with style.

Published on 05/16/12 Read Article
Razor Electric Scooters: Get Off Your Gas!

Razor Electric Scooters is our pick for the first installment of our weekly Get off Your Gas series! Every week we will showcase some of the best environmentally friendly brands and products on the market. Our goal is to arm you, the consumer, with the information that you need to help you reduce your dependence on oil, save money on gas and reduce your carbon foot print.

Published on 05/12/12 Read Article
Pets on Wheels II

Our second installment of our monthly Pets on Wheels series features quite the diverse cast! Opossums, Chimps and turtles show us how to ride with style! If you need some inspiration to get you from making the switch to environmentally friendly vehicles, whether it is for your health or the health of the environment, look no further! If our furry and feathered friends can do it, so can you!

Published on 05/08/12 Read Article