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Published 03/09/2011 announces upgrades to its Alternative Transportation Marketplace including price comparison functionality and hundreds of new products. When used in place of a car for local travel, products like electric scooters, gas scooters, and electric bikes are money saving, reduce global warming and improve national security.

South Pasadena, CA – December 9th, 2008 -- Leading alternative transportation gurus,, announce several additions to their Alternative Transportation Marketplace, including; hundreds of low to zero emission “vehicles” and a price comparison feature. The Marketplace now lists over 1001 transportation products that can easily take the place of your car when traveling locally. Many sell for less than $100.

The Marketplace is a simple to use a directory that highlights products such as; electric scooters, mopeds, electric bikes, gas scooters, push scooters, hybrid cars, biodiesel cars, flex-fuel cars (ethanol), electric cars, motor scooters and more. The transportation products listed offer a fun way to get you off your gas. They’re money saving, help people reduce their global warming impact and improve our national security.

"I saw ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’ back to back in the summer of 2006. Those movies blew my mind. Right then and there I made a personal commitment to do my part in the fight against global warming.," says Frank Minero, President of, "…then I started thinking about a way to help people get around their local neighborhoods in a not so gassy way. Badabing Badaboom the Marketplace was born."

The EPA estimates that Americans hop in their cars 900 million times a day. Half of the time these trips are less than five miles and by solo drivers! So, whether you're motivated by global warming and the environment, saving money or national security, leaving your car behind when traveling locally makes a huge impact.

The issues:

Money Saving: While gas prices have recently dipped, supply and demand ensure it’s only a matter of time before $5.00+ gas is once again an unfortunate reality.

Global Warming (aka Climate Change): Diminishing resources, disease, famine, drought, erratic and destructive weather patterns, and rising sea levels threaten mass human migration, suffering, and death. Eco-systems changing faster than animal populations can adapt is expected to result in mass animal extinctions this century.

National Security: If unchecked, a Pentagon funded report warned, warming could lead to resource wars, environmental refugees and failed states in already vulnerable regions of the world.

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