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Published 10/31/2012

The Best 50cc Gas Scooters on the Market, according to are the Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board and the X-Treme XG-550 Gas Scooter.

According to, cc is shorthand for Cubic Centimeter. The cc tells us all about an engine's power as it is "the unit of measurement used to describe the volume in the engine's firing cylinders displaced by the pistons, which is why it is also referred to as engine displacement." As a rule of thumb, the more CCs a scooter has, the bigger the engine tends to be. Street Legal Scooters can have two or four-stroke engines, with 50cc being ideal for most Scooter Enthusiasts. In many states (this varies) a 50cc Scooter does not necessitate a special motorcycle drivers license. In fact, most states only require a regular drivers license. For this reason, among others, 50cc Scooters tend to be the most popular. 

Evo 2x BIG 50cc Power board is a Gas Scooter that is sure to meet most riders' expectations. This Gas Scooter plays host to an assortment of amazing features, including Cam-Link" Suspension. Unlike other Scooters on the market, the Evo 2x actually has a legitimate suspension system that provides individuals with a smooth riding experience. while simultaneously offering up superior resistance when landing after jumps. The Evo 2x also possesses a 2-Speed Gear Box. This is the first two speed scooter in the world! This gives riders power at lower speeds and higher maximum speeds. If that wasn't enough, the Evo 2x also has One-Touch Chain Tensioning, which enables riders to tighten the final drive chain in one straightforward and effortless action. Aligning the rear wheel is not needed at all. Also included are height and position adjustable MX Handlebars, a 50cc 2HP 2-Stroke engine (EPA Approved) and a new folding system, with improved feel and functionality.

The X-Treme XG-550 Gas Scooter is another impressive vehicle with a 50cc, 2 strokes, air-cooled gas-powered engine. Per the manufacturer, this bad boy can reach top-speeds of 35 miles per hour and has an amazing range of about 20 miles. On top of that, the manufacturer puts its maximum carrying capacity at an unheard of 330 lbs. This X-Treme Gas Scooter also possesses a huge assortment of inspiring features. Of course the XG-550 comes with every single one of the same features fans have come to love on the X-treme XG-505, but this new incarnation also has many extras including 10" air-filled rugged tires, a dual shock front suspension system, a very wide aluminum billet deck, an electric start, front and rear vented disk brakes, and billet head badge aluminum BMX-style gooseneck racing handlebars. The cherry on top is the stylish paint job: the X-Treme flame logo is beautifully engraved on the aluminum plate deck. 

Honorable Mention for top non 50cc Gas Scooters must go to go Go-Ped. Go-Ped's Gas Scooters only go up to 45.7 cc, but at 4.5 hp they are still a force to be reckoned with. Some of Go-Ped's High Performance Models are the GTR46R Trail Ripper, GTR46i Trail Ripper Interceptor, RIOT 46 and the Super GSR46R. Generally, G-ped 's Race quality Gas Scooters tend to have 45.7cc High Output Race Engines, Horsepower of 4.19HP (4.25 PS) at 11,000 RPM and Torque that is 2.315 lb-ft (0.32 kg-m) at 8,000 RPM.

The GTR46R Trail Ripper is an amazing Street Legal Scooter. This baby is in possession of a revolutionary handlebar system that contributes to making theTrail Ripper 46 a very lightweight vehicle. If that wasn't enough, It possesses a revolutionary C.I.D.L.I. suspension, 4.5 horsepower GP460RS motor, Mad Dog Disc brakes, and other race quality features. The GTR46i is the Street version of the GTR46R, alterations include Trap aggressive treaded street tires, a brand new and more silent exhaust system, 6-76 sprocket drive ratio, and a new kickstand. The Riot 46 has a to die for 45.7cc 4.5 HP GP460RS air-cooled, single-cylinder, two-stroke gas engine and a 19mm Walbro carburetor. And the Super GSR46R's race engine puts out 4.5 HP and 2.31 ft-lbs torque with a 17,500 redline, offering outstanding performance at both low and high speeds.

Go-Ped is a family owned and run business that takes pride in providing jobs for the American Workforce. They started the motorized scooter craze twenty years ago. They’re dedicated to perfection and have among the best high-quality scooters on the market. No cooter out there even comes close to the quality of Go-Ped.

For those looking for Scooter Parts specifically tailored for 50cc scooters are in luck. Brakes, Cables, Gas Caps and many more Scooter Parts can be found in our parts department.

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