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Published 06/21/2011


Burning man is not easy to explain, and if you try to look burning man up, you will get the same answer from most that have been there. “You have to go to understand Burning Man.” Flocks of unique-minded liberal party survivalists migrate to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to form a temporary community to host a giant art show. The art ranges from Body-art to home-made vehicles, structures, games, rides, and interesting experiments.

The temporary community is vast and expansive over the Black Rock Desert, and there is no better way to get around than a motorized scooter or bike. The organizers set up a blueprint of the community, and all 51,500+ people participate. The vehicles are part of the show, and a crucial tool when attending the 4 days of burning man. The entire Burning Man city layout is miles wide, requiring some form of transportation other than your feet.

Scooters and bicycles are the primary sources of transportation at burning man, and making them unique and original is obligatory. You will see scooters converted to missiles, animals, UFOs, or anything that your imagination can come up with. These vehicles start life off as a recreational toy, but adding a theme to your toy makes it a dignified automobile of the Burning Man Community. The Scooters become an icon for your Burning Man social status exactly as a new BMW would for a businessman in the city. Your creativity, design, fabrication skills, and personal artistic message are on the line.



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