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Published 11/04/2010

Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicle Commercial, General Motors Second Push For Alternative Fuel Transportation.


Advancements were slowing into the 1980's, 1990's, and into the 2000's, but the push towards clean renewable energy sources is stronger than ever, and General Motors re-entering the market with their new electric hybrid, the Chevy Volt. Chevrolet has been at the forefront of Automotive Technological Advancements since the beginning of automotive history and will continue to be a part well into the future.

Electric Vehicles were produced by General Motors once before in 1996, and leased to the public with little success. General Motors was way ahead of everyone when they released the EV1, but they may have been too far ahead. General motors produced a few more EV1 Electric Vehicles through 1999, but not much more than 2,300 were produced, and the excitement subsided, as did the first big move by an American Automotive Manufacturer to enter into the Electric Vehicle market. The environment is very important to most, and most of the opposition that you will encounter will be from oil companies, and politicians that are funded by said oil companies, so lets put these big-wig executives out of business, and move to renewable energy sources. Since the public has caught on, and the masses are starting to care about the planet, the cars are going to play a crucial part in the loop of efficiency. Smart Grid Technology is a new development by General Electric which will incorporate the use of parked electric vehicles to help store and deliver energy more efficiently. With big companies like General Motors (GM), and General Electric (GE) backing electric vehicles, we are sure to see a user friendly, cost efficient, environmentally friendly, vehicle in every home eventually. Climate change will be a good thing again, and future generations will not have to clean up after the careless past ones.

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