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Published 10/03/2011

Every day, it seems more and more people can’t function in the mornings without a caffeinated pick me up, and it looks like their cars might be the next to follow suit.

The average American coffee drinker, for instance, spends on average $164.71 per year on coffee. Everyday coffee shops across the globe toss out copious amounts of spent coffee grounds. This wasteful practice was enough to inspire Martin Bacon and his team of Teasedale Conservation Volunteers to utilize the grounds as a form of fuel. The result is the Coffee-Fueled car!

This baby was designed by a team of British engineers, and it recently just “zipped into the Guinness World Records with a top speed of 77.5 miles per hour and an average of 66.5 miles per hour.”

The way this vehicle function is quite remarkable:

Bacon's team collects spent coffee grounds from shops around town, dries them out and turns them into pellets that are cooked up in a gasifier designed to fit within the body of a heavily modified Rover SD1. (More than 550 pounds of excess weight have been removed to make room for the heavy gasifier.)

According to MSMBC, The Coffee-Powered “was developed in cooperation with the BBC One show Bang Goes the Theory and will be at Bang Live during the Manchester Science Festival Oct. 22-23. “

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