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Published 12/01/2008 announces the addition of the esteemed Crystalyte Phoenix Electric Bicycle Kit to their inventory of quality electric bikes, electric scooters and gas scooters.

South Pasadena, CA -- Dec 01, 2008 -- Crystalyte offers three different Phoenix Series electric hub motors, each with their own specialized performance capabilities. These electric hub motors are not only superior quality, but the most powerful motors for electric bikes on the market. In fact, so powerful that a brake upgrade is necessary to sufficiently slow the bike from 30+ mph! The Phoenix Brute has the most bottom end torque, great for hills, rough terrain, and large carrying capacities. The Phoenix Cruiser has middle range torque and a higher top speed than the Brute. The Phoenix Racer has the highest top speed and top end torque.

You choose the bike and Crystalyte Electric Bike Kits allow you to convert it into a high speed, effortless, commuting vehicle that runs on just pennies a day. The dropouts on most frames will need to be widened to accept the wider axles that the Phoenix motors utilize for strength. Tire upgrades are recommended, so use a racing slick tire as they have higher speed ratings, better grip, and higher pressure than most stock tires. It is recommended that you upgrade your brakes due to the added power and speed that the electric hub motors produce.

“The new Crystalyte Phoenix Series Hub Motors are the highest powered electric hub motors that I have ever seen”, says Frank Minero, owner and CEO of Most electric powered bicycles or scooters that run an electric hub-mounted motor are only capable of 20 mph or less, but the Phoenix Racer Motor is capable of rocketing to 36+ mph in under 20 seconds! The Phoenix Brute Motor offers bottom end torque that is un-bias as far as carrying capacities are concerned. “ I am thrilled with the Brute! I have a trailer that pulls my daughter and even climbing the steepest hills, fully loaded, is no match for the Brute’s torque”, said Karen M., a satisfied customer.

Crystalyte Electric Bicycle systems from include everything you need to convert your pedal bike at home or at a bike shop, and a lot of the work is already done for you. The wheel is laced to the motor and the batteries are wired. Every component shipped is bench tested just prior to shipment.

The rider custom tailors the bike to fit their needs by choosing the right starting point and, choosing the sufficient component arrangement for that particular configuration. Riders choose the wheel size, front or rear wheel drive, twist grip or thumb throttle, controller size and mounting hardware depending on the controller size, and SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries or Lithium Ion batteries.

* Motor: Brushless electric hub motors. Three Phoenix motors are available in the lineup; Phoenix Brute, Phoenix Cruiser, and the Phoenix racer.

* Spokes: 12 gauge spokes. Normal bike spokes are 14 gauge. That means less spoke maintenance and a much stronger wheel.

* Rim: 20", 24", 26" and 700c rims are double-walled. The 16" is not available in double, so it is single-walled.

* Lacing: We lace the motor to the rim on our bench. We can lace Phoenix motors to 20", 24", 26", and 700c rims.

* Controller: 3640 and 4840. To calculate the wattage, multiply the voltage (first two digits of the model) by the amperage (second two digits of the model). A 4840 would be 48 volts X 40 amps = 1920 Watts.

* Throttle: Twist grip or Thumb lever.

* Rack and/or basket: A rack will be shipped with all systems except the Phoenix 4840. The batteries go in the top part of the bag, and the panniers are folded up into zipper pouches, available for your use. The Phoenix 4840 gets a basket instead of a rack due to the size and weight of its batteries.

* Pannier bag: The bag is used to hold the batteries and the controller. There is free space in the bag for your own use.

* Batteries: 12V 12AH batteries. Upgrades are available.

* Fuse, Wire set, Key switch, Charger Port, Connector to controller: The wiring is already done on systems purchased from The wire set includes a 50A fuse. Key switch and Charger port are included. The connector to the controller is a 50A Anderson.

* Charger: Crystalyte standard charger.

* Cruise Control: Cruise control and brake inhibits are included with Phoenix systems. The cruise includes brake levers that have switches in them. When pulled, the brake lever's switch will shut off the cruise control and make the throttle inoperative.

* Slime Tube (most sizes): We include a slime tube with Phoenix systems exc. 700c rim.

* Spoke Wrench: We include a spoke wrench.

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