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Published 09/22/2011

It seems that public interest in the electric car has recently been rekindled. Events like the Frankfurt Motor Show last week (which featured 100 new electric cars) proves to be a far cry from 2006 when Director Chris Paine’s film Who Killed the Electric Car was first shown in theatres.

This year's motto promises to be The Revenge of the Electric Car, which is also the title of Paine’s newest film, to be shown in theatres across the country next month. The film “follows four entrepreneurs from 2007-2011 as they fight to bring the electric car back to the world market in the midst of a global recession.”

One of the heroes of this movie is a small business owner named Greg Abbott, who is aptly nicknamed “Gadget.” Gadget has been converting gas guzzlers into electric vehicles from his small garage for years, long before anyone had even heard of the Silicone Valley Tesla, or the Chevy Volt.
Despite undergoing a series of setbacks, including a fire that burnt down his workshop and left him and his wife living in a bus in a parking lot, Gadget has been working tirelessly to create and promote his electric cars. Currently, Gadget has a new shop and “he is a month away from packing a kit from mechanics across the country to convert everyday cars to electric.”

This documentary not only follows the revival of the electric car phenomenon, it chronicles the innovations and uncompromising nature of the American Spirit, which promises to be a solution to the country’s dependence on oil and rising gas prices. Going electric is a practical and efficient way to reduce the amount you spend on gas and save the planet at the same time. Since the electric car industry is growing at a rapid rate; there has never been a better time than now to make the switch.

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