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Published 09/15/2011

“Our excessive dependence on foreign oil is a clear and present danger.” -President Carter, 1980.

GasHole is the latest documentary, directed by Scott Roberts and Jeremy Wagener, to attempt to shed light on the questionable practices of American Oil Companies. The film examines the nation’s sordid history in regards to setting oil prices, and takes a much-needed look at the plausibility of “affordable alternatives to petroleum fuel.” Perhaps, what audience members of all stripes will find most enlightening is the director’s examination of America’s dependence on foreign oil, and possible hindrances to viable resolutions. Some of which include, “claims of buried technology that dramatically improves gas mileage, navigating bureaucratic governmental roadblocks, evaluating different alternative fuels that are technologically available now, and questioning the American consumers' reluctance to embrace alternatives.”

Peter Gallagher narrates this film, it also features an impressive list of interviewees: “representatives of the US Department of Energy, Congressional leaders both Democrat and Republican, alternative fuel producers, alternative fuel consumers (including actor Joshua Jackson), professors of economics and psychology, and more.”

Airing on LinkTV Saturday night;
Movie website:

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