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Published 02/09/2011

Go-Ped Scooters are the highest quality electric, gas, and push powered scooters on the market. What sets Go-Ped apart from the other scooter manufacturers is their superior quality, fit-and-finish, and top notch customer service representatives that help you when you have an issue. Some of the Chinese manufactured products are assembled in China and then sit on a boat for weeks, exposed to the elements, before even getting to the dealer. Go-Ped does not make your scooter until you order it, and when they do make it, Go-Ped makes your scooters in the United States of America.

Go-ped is superior to the other manufacturers for many reasons, but a few that stand out are; in-house production, Mandrel bent 4130 Chromoly tubing is used on all models, and powder coating instead of spraying their frames. The fact that Go-Ped brand scooters are made in the United States of America should be enough for most, but what sets American produced scooters apart from the Chinese produced scooters, you ask? Simply put, the American produced scooters are made with the highest quality metals and even higher quality equipment. Mandrel benders are used to make bends in 4130 Chromoly tubing, which is one of the strongest tubings. Mandrel benders also do not "crimp" the tubing where it makes the bends. Chinese manufacturers usually weld cheap angle iron together, spray paint it black, and then cover the frame with a cheap plastic molded ABS body. Go-Ped features their frames and does not hide any of it. The powder coating and mandrel bent tubing are superior to the overseas models.

Go-Ped uses Powdercoating to paint their frames instead of sprayed on paints, because of powder coatings strength. Spray paints can go on unevenly, "orange peel", and chip or crack very easily. Powder coating goes on evenly and is cooked on the part so that it creates a bond with the metal. Powder coating will stand up to much more abuse than traditionally painted scooters. The above video shows the Go-Ped powder coating process. Once the parts are prepped and ready, they are hooked up to the conveyor belt system, and magnetized, sprayed, and then baked to harden the paint. This process is harder and longer lasting than spraying and makes the Go-Ped Brand of scooters last exponentially longer than any others on the market.

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