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Published 10/12/2010

f you get the America One cable broadcast network or Hamptons TV (Suffolk County, NY), you probably saw the infomercial we broadcast in the Spring.

The infomercial features some of our best quality Go-Ped Scooters. Go-Ped is's brand of choice, and one of the more popular Go-Ped products is the Go-Ped, ESR750ex electric scooter. The ESR750ex is in a class all by itself. It's perfect for commuters, pleasure riders and electric enthusiasts alike. On top of that, it's clean, quiet and environmentally friendly. also carries the very first green gas scooter. The Go-Ped Pro-Ped GSR Sport Scooter is powered by a remarkable, EPA award-winning, four-stroke propane engine from LEHR. It's very clean burning, eco-friendly, especially quiet, and efficient.

If you are looking for something more suited to off-road terrain, then the Go-Ped trail ripper gas scooter is perfect. It's designed to...conquer off-road terrain and features a revolutionary suspension system wit front and read swing arms that give this scooter incredible flexibility!

If your interest is in kick scooters, check out the GoPed KnowPed. It's the non-motorized version of the classic Go-Ped Gas Scooter and the highest quality kick scooter on the market. It's great for folks 8 to 80 looking for a fun, exciting way to get around town in style.

For those in the 4-8 range, Go-Ped has designed the Go-Ped Grow-Ped with the young kick scooter enthusiast in mind. It's essentially a mini version of the Know-Ped that will simply thrill your little ones!

Remember, at you will find not only brands you can trust, like Go-Ped, Razor and X-Treme, but service you can count on, great selection and incredible prices that just can't be beat! Not to mention, free shipping on almost everything in our store.

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