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Published 12/07/2010 is giving away a free iPad in our latest contest. The contest has already begun and was announced this Friday; all you need to do to have a chance of winning is to watch our latest video, "Chimpanzee Riding on a Go-Ped," and then correctly guess who's in the gorilla suit. We have provided a number of clues that will help you track down the correct answer. A correct guess gets you entered into the drawing to win an Apple iPad!

Who is in the gorilla suit? Could it be Bobby B, Kay Fed, Kraymer, Jon G, Levi, Fla Fla Flooey, Spencer, Baloon Dad, or... ??? hired an "actor" to play the part. The answer is out there: An iPad hangs in the balance.

Easy to find clues can be found on the contest description page and social networking pages on facebook, youtube, twitter, and myspace. You can also find more clues by... putting your thinking cap on and spending some on google. As of today, only 5 people have correctly guessed who’s in the gorilla suit, so if you do your homework, your odds of winning the iPad are really, really good!


Our "Chimpanzee riding on a Go-Ped" video was inspired by the popular "Chimpanzee riding on a Segway" meme, which features a cute Chimp, Pan-Kun, learning to ride a segway on Japanese game show in front of a live studio audience. The original video proved so popular that it soon went viral, receiving over one million views on YouTube! It also spawned a series of parodies that include "Hardcore" edits, remixes and catchy songs coupled with new edits of the original meme.

You can watch some of these hilarious videos on our very on Blog: Just click here.

Our iPad Giveaway can be found at fine contest sites like;

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