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Published 05/26/2011

Beat The High Gas Prices, Lose Weight, And Feel Better At The Same Time.

Rising Gas Prices? Don't Let It Effect You. Beat The Price Increase!

 Gas prices are climbing up and above the $4.50+ per gallon mark, and people will fill up their cars with expensive gas, regardless. The price increase affects everyone, so learn what you can do to avoid high prices at the pump. There are many ways to reduce your automotive uses, while having fun, helping the environment, your health, and traffic congestion. Bicycles, Scooters, and e-bikes are the most efficient ways to reduce your car use.

Bicycles have been around longer than cars, but the capabilities of the car have made people very dependent on automobiles, and not so much on their bicycles. What makes cars so appealing to people? Cars are big and can fit multiple people. Cars propel us across the earth with little effort. Cars are faster than bicycles, require less effort to use, and run on gasoline. Gasoline is consumed in order to fuel the internal combustion engine, and this is where the bicycles have an enormous advantage over the automobile.

When Will Bicycles Surpass Automobile Usage?

Bicycles are usually paid in full, and automobiles constantly consume fuel, oil, tires, brakes, insurance payments, registration payments, tickets, service, maintenance, etc, etc. The fuels and oils that cars run on are known as “Non-renewable Resources”, and they will always fluctuate in price. The car will become obsolete once the price of fuel and oil become so high, that people stop paying, and start riding. Most people will turn their backs on their cars in exchange for a bicycle, scooter, electric bicycle, or the combination of any of these with Public Transport. There are the people that will continue to support the middle-east, regardless of price or inconvenience. These are the people that are the influence of this article. You are not obligated to drive your car by the government and there are many ways to save at the pump that don’t involve pedaling or pushing. Electric bikes are effortless, fast, and they run on pennies a day, as opposed to Tens of dollars a day.

Gas Prices Estimated To Pass $5.00+ And Remain There.

After gas prices pass the $5/gallon mark, your car will not be quite as desirable to drive. Filling up for $75-$110 twice a week will be considered normal, and working at your job will mainly be to fill up your tank to get to said job. Bicycles are the most efficient and fun alternative as you are exercising, outside, and much less prone to traffic. Bicycles pay themselves off very quickly when you use them instead of your car. Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters are the lazy efficient alternative. Electric Scooters charge up for pennies a day and they are environmentally friendly too. Electric Bikes are great because if you run out of power you can still pedal the bicycle. Electric Scooters are great as they are very portable and easy to store under your desk or table at work or school. You do not have to completely stop using your car to start saving money, and the environment. Start by reducing your dependency on your car, and you will see the potential of bicycles, electric bikes, and electric scooters. Stop bumper to bumper before and after work and enjoy a nice commute home through residential streets, river paths, bike trails, boardwalks, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. You will really enjoy the wind in your face and the exercise you will get from saving at the pump.

Here's a list of electric bikes available right away if you wanna start today.

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