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Published 05/16/2012

Mobility Scooters are a wonderful option for those who are suffering from limited mobility. A Mobility Scooter is similar to an Electric Wheelchair, but it is configured like a Motor Scooter. It is often called a power-operated vehicle/scooter or Electric Scooter as well. One thing people love about Mobility Scooters is that they don’t look like Wheel Chairs. This is particularly important for younger people with disabilities. Many people just don’t like the idea of using wheelchairs, and Power Scooters are a great solution for those who want their mobility partnered with style.

The photograph (Left) is from the Impact Lab Website. It features Plumber Colin Furze, 31. He tinkered with this mobility scooter and got it to go 69 mph. We don’t recommend doing this.

Who would benefit from a Power Scooter? The Veterans Affairs website mentions that you may need the use of power mobility if you or your loved one is beginning to experience an increase in the rate of falls and spills because of “muscle weakness/fatigue or loss of balance within the home or community despite using assistive devices.” We think that if you are having difficulty getting around, or if you are in pain when you try to do so, that a Medical Scooter may be a good option for you. However, we always recommend you talk to a qualified medical professional before you make any big decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.

Typically, the average scooter rider can walk, but they have problems with limited endurance. This may be because of a number of complications, such as cardiac, pulmonary, rheumatologic, or neuromuscular disease.The most common are congestive heart failure, emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, or stable multiple sclerosis. Those who have completely lost the ability to walk or have minimal trunk-control might be better off with an Electric Wheelchair. We also provide a wide variety of these in many styles.

Electric Mobility Scooters are a popular choice for people with limited mobility from disabilities or for a number of reasons.Unlike an Electric Wheelchair, Power Scooters generally “can be disassembled and transported in the trunk of a car, thus increasing a person’s access to the community.” Wheelchairs commonly require the use of a ramp and a van. Perhaps the only real drawback is that scooters need a bit of room to make turns. This means that they are very useful outdoors, but they are not appropriate for inside the home.

Medical Scooters are very well suited for urban commuting and short distance travel. Many forms of public transportation such as trains, buses, and subways usually accommodate these Scooters. We find that most folks find these vehicles a really great way to run errands. If walking or driving to the grocery store has just become too difficult a task, scooters make a great alternative. Many of these Scooters come with baskets for carrying your groceries or other items. If the particular Medical Scooter you want doesn’t come with a basket, accessories can usually be purchased separately to suit your specific needs.

Our Marketplace is a great place to view some of the best Mobility Scooters available.

We offer comparison pricing on countless top brand-name Scooters including, Invacare, Pride, Jazzy, Activecare and much more. Just click on one of the many featured products and compare prices from any number of well-trusted manufacturers. If you are on a budget, you can even filter your results by price or one of the brands.

Below is a small sample of some of the Medical Scooters that we offer through our Marketplace.

1. X-Treme XB-420M Three Wheel Electric Scooter

This Electric Scooter is a fun and practical choice for teens, adults and seniors alike. Young riders use full power to get where they’re going and the wheelie bar for loads of fun. Older riders enjoy the stability of the 3-wheel design and max speed limiter for safe operation. At full power, this Scooter can get up to 15 mph with a range of 15 - 20 miles. In fact, with a 15mph top speed, it might be the fastest production mobility scooter made!

2. EV Rider Sport Rider Scooter

This scooter actually incorporates real motorcycle parts in its design! It features easy-to-read digital displays, complete with an odometer, trip meter, battery charge indicator, and clock as well as modular plug & play electronic components for easy maintenance and repair in the field.

3. EV Rider VITA Mobility Scooter

The Vita scooter also features a fully independent suspension system for a smooth, quiet ride every time. As you cruise by onlookers, the sporty exterior and attractive paint job will be sure to turn heads! Additional LED headlights make driving in the dark easier than ever before, while the digital waterproof displays actual speed, odometer, clock, battery charge and more.

Electric Wheel Chairs, or Power Wheel Chairs as they are often called, are typically a wheelchair that is moved by means of an electric motor and sometimes navigational controls, like a joystick. One thing that we wish for you to consider is that “most power wheelchairs require the user to have a van with a ramp or lift to transport the wheelchair.”

Below is a list of resources that we wished to make available to our customers with injuries or disabilities. We hope these resources may help to improve your quality of life.


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