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Published 10/13/2010

New For 2010! Marketplace And Blog.


The Marketplace has been completely overhauled, improving upon the already useful search tool for scooters, and anything scooter related. The Marketplace section of displays a network of sites that carry similar products to The price comparison engine is able to take multiple scooters and compare them side-by-side, so you can see the differences right in front of you. The price comparison engine will display all of the most popular brands and styles for you to decide between.

Our goal is to list every top quality alternative transportation device you could ever find online. You can browse many other stores while on, so you can determine the best scooter for your wants and needs. Select from categories like; Gas Scooters, Electric Scooters, Mobility, Push Scooters, Bicycles, Go-Karts, Electric Bikes, ATVs, Adult Tricycles, Pocket Bikes, Electric Wheelchairs, Folding Bikes, Powerboards, and Dirt Bikes. If you find a product that is in the Marketplace that you are interested in, you can click on the "buy it now" button, and be directed to the selling merchant's website for more info.

The Marketplace blog is new too, and we are very excited to keep the world up to speed on's progress. is constantly striving to reduce the nations/worlds dependency on foreign oil, and scooters are a huge part of cutting down on pollution.

The blog will be updated with product information and promotions, and from time to time we will post up a story or video that has a dramatic impact on the world/environment. Please feel free to visit the blog, and comment on the blog if you feel strongly about what you see or read.

Most of all enjoy the blog, as we wanted something to inspire, and interest people in our scooters. Hopefully, we will show you that a trip to the store to get a little item can be much much more fun than ever before, and if you use an electric scooter instead of your car, you will save money in gas. Cars should only be used for far trips, with multiple people. All other trips should be handled by foot, bicycle, or scooter.

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