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Published 06/29/2011

Norman the Scooter-Riding Dog rides a human scooter, which looks to be a Nextsport Fuzion Asphalt Ultimate Carving Machine Scooter! What better way to show off your pups "talents" than to film them riding a scooter and putting it on Youtube? LOL! Norman the scooter-riding dog is so amazing that he started a Facebook page for himself!? OMG!?

Clothes, Scooters, and probably caviar for dinner, Norman has it all! With owners that love dressing him up in human shirts, and filming him riding a human scooter, you know that Norman enjoys every second of his ride.

Norman does human things, and enjoys them, because his owners know how he feels. Norman is no dog, he is a human being with human being emotions and motions.

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