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Published 03/18/2013

Pets on Wheels III

This month’s installment of Pets on Wheels is perhaps our most exciting yet. We have not one, but two surfing animals: a goat and an alpaca. Not to mention an adorable Chihuahua and a dachshund named Salchi. And who can forget Norman the Briard who can ride a scooter, he’s expanded his repertoire and is now officially a cyclist! If you need some motivation to get you to switch to environmentally sustainable modes of transportation vehicles, then take a cue from our furry pals. If our four-legged friends can do it, so can you!

1. Goatee the Surfing Goat

If you happen to be in Prismo Beach California, and you spot a four-legged surfer hanging ten, it's not your imagination. Chances are it's Goatee the surfing goat! According to the Telegraph, the aptly named Goatee was trained by her owner Dana MacGregor to catch some waves!


2. Peru's Surfing Alpaca
Continuing with the surfing trend, here's a surfing Alpaca. Alpaca's are native to Peru and are typically used as wool animals. Peruvian surfer Domingo Pianezzi has trained this unlikely sportsman to surf up with the best of them!

3. Chihuahua on a Scooter
Take a look at this Chihuahua riding a scooter! This stylish little guy was photographed at the 8th Annual Main Street El Segundo Car Show.

4. Salchi the Skateboard loving Weinerdog
Meet Salchi, a daschund from California who loves to skateboard! Luckily for us, his owner happens to be a photographer, and you can find more photos on his website.

5. Norman the Scooter Bike Riding Dog
Remember Norman the scooter-riding dog? He’s back, and this time he’s learned how to ride a bike as well!



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