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Published 10/20/2010

Scooters are generally considered environmentally friendly, conservative, and conventional, right? WRONG! This video shows some pretty outrageous tactics for customizing your scooter, but does not recommend that anyone try this at home. Electric and gas scooters are usually used to transport 1-2 people from one place to another, but adding a flamethrower to your scooter will definitely cause you to lose the passenger carrying capabilities. Electric and Gasoline powered scooters are a great platform for customizations and modifications. Electric scooters can power many accessories with their large battery capacity. Gasoline scooters are faster and more powerful than electric scooters, so you should consider this before purchasing a gasoline scooter, or electric scooter.

Modifying your scooter will be something that you will have to do, and the consequences of modifying your scooter are directly related to your knowledge and experience. In other words, do not work on your scooter if you don't know what you are doing. There are many shops that will have the knowledge to share.

Flamethrowers are a bit on the extreme side of the customization spectrum, but everyone has their own vision and ideas. Some people dream up ideas, and immediately follow through with them, and others have ideas, but do not follow through on them. Sometimes you have to experiment a little in order to learn. Diving in and working on your scooter will teach you about your scooter and how to repair or upgrade it. Knowing how to work on scooters will also save you money in the long run, as scooter repairs are very costly at shops. Enjoy your scooter and if you are going to attach a flame thrower to your scooter, please please watch your eyebrows.

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