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Published 03/09/2011

Demand for oil is increasing worldwide and there's only so much of it left in the ground. Prices are going up, whether we like it or not. The US Dept. of Defense says demand and climate change will create more wars.

Whether you want to save money, support national security (reduce dependence on foreign oil), stop climate change or simply do it for clean and healthy air... it's time we start getting by with less.

Here are some sensible tips on how to use less gas and save money;

Squeeze More MPG Out Of Your Vehicle
Keep your engine properly tuned.
Keep tires properly inflated.
Use the recommended grade of motor oil.
Remove excess weight.
Use cruise control.
Use overdrive gears.
Buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle (high MPG, hybrid, electric or motorcycle, etc).

Drive Smarter
Drive sensibly (avoid speeding, rapid acceleration/braking).
Avoid peak rush hour traffic.
Observe the speed limit.
Avoid excessive idling.
Find the best local gas prices at

Drive Less
Planning (combining several trips into one).
Public transit.
Move closer to work.

Solutions for Local Travel
Ride a bike (folding, electric or trike).
Ride a scooter (push, electric, gas or street legal).
Ride a skateboard or powerboard.
Ride a Segway.
Drive a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle).
Check the Marketplace Comparison Shopping Engine for the best prices on bikes, scooters and more.

Elect politicians who back alternative fueled vehicles, public transportation, clean energy, higher CAFE Standards (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) and other measures that help get us off the increasingly expensive gas and on cheap, clean renewable forms of electricity.

You'll find additional information and tips at

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