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Published 03/26/2018

Electric bike sales are exploding! As their popularity has increased, the number of ebikes to choose from has grown dramatically, too. After hours of research, many of our customers feel lost. They're still no closer to finding the electric bike that's right for them.

Maybe we can help. We've gathered data from sales, customer feedback, and personal experience and come up with our Top 10 recommendations for the best electric bicycles. We've divided this list into several categories. We start with affordable models, then follow with our top pick for each category.

As of 2018, our Top 10 list has expanded beyond ten models. Please forgive us, the increased selection makes it hard to narrow the field to just ten!

If you still have questions, feel free to contact our friendly team of electric bicycle specialists.

Best Affordable Electric Bikes

X-Treme Summit Electric Mountain Bike

This 48-volt mid-motor electric mountain bike is a great value. The X-Treme Summit is packed with top-of-the-line components from Shimano, Suntour, Tektro, Samsung, Kenda, Velo, and more. With a top speed of 28 mph and tremendous torque from the mid-frame mounted motor, it conquers rough terrain and inclines like a champ. Pull power from the motor by pedal assist and throttle.

Magnum Metro+ Electric Commuter Bike

The Magnum Metro+ high-speed commuter gets you where you need to go... fast. Trigger the throttle for a burst of power or engage pedal assist for speeds up to 28 mph. Magnum is a top-tier manufacturer, and the Metro+ is chock full of high-quality hardware. It's not only an affordable option but stylish as well.

IZIP E3 Dash Electric Commuter Bike

IZIP has been manufacturing high-end, affordable electric bikes since 2005. We think the IZIP E3 Dash is the best of the bunch. This class 3 pedelec delivers power as you pedal taking you to speeds of 28 mph. It's fantastic for your commute, especially if you have hills to climb. The mid-mounted motor configuartion maximizes torque to get you up inclines.

Surface 604 Rook Electric Cruiser Bike

Whether you're tall or small, the Surface 604 Rook comes in a variety of frame sizes to guarantee the perfect fit. Cruise by pedal assist or throttle up to 20 mph. This electric bike isn't only comfortable but performs exceptionally well for a Cruiser. Quality components and accessories put this classy cruiser over-the-top and make it a great buy.

X-Treme Alpine Trails

At under $700, the Alpine Trails is the least expensive brand name electric bike on the market. Don't expect a Tesla; you're getting a Chevy Spark. That said, it's a quality built step-over ebike that covers all the basics. It also comes in a step-thru frame.

Best Electric Bike For Your Commute


The Dail-E Grinder is perfectly designed to accompany you on your long commute. It's a top-of-the-line road bike in and of itself. BULLS has taken its premium frame and integrated it with the most advanced components from best names in the business.  It delivers an unbelievable 118 miles range under ideal conditions. This step-over speed-pedelec is a wonder of German engineering.

Best Electric Cruiser Bike

Vintage Electric Cafe

This Cruiser from California is classy as hell! The Vintage Electric Cafe is not just a pretty frame. It's crafted with power and performance in mind. A custom TDCM 750w motor takes this speed pedelec up to 28 mph. Custom components blend beautifully with high-end hardware from premium brands. The Cafe is artful engineering in motion.

Best Electric Mountain Bike

Bulls SIX50+ E FS 3

This is a remarkable full-suspension mountain bike. It's also an exceptional electric bike. By integrating the two, BULLS has designed the best damn electric mountain bike on the planet!  The SIX50+ E FS 3 is German engineering at its finest.

Best Folding Electric Bikes

Enzo Ebikes Folding Electric Bike

This durable, feature-rich model comes in eight delicious glow-in-the-dark colors. The Enzo Ebike's sleek Italian frame folds in seconds. A 350w rear hub motor takes you to 20 mph while Samsung Li-ion batteries keep you moving for up to 50 miles per charge.

X-Treme Baja Folding Electric Mountain Bike

This electric folding bike can handle rough terrain. It's the ultimate when space is tight, and off-road adventures are on the menu. A 500w Bafang rear hub motor powers the X-Treme Baja, 48v Li-ion batteries provide the fuel. You'll reach speeds up to 25mph using throttle only and up to a 70-mile range with the lowest power assist setting.

Best Electric Fat Bike

BULLS Monster E FS

BULLS never ceases to amaze. This full-suspension fat bike is fitted with a Bosch mid-drive motor for enhanced hill climbing. The 4-inch wide Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Snakeskin tires are genuinely monstrous. It's exquisitely designed and equipped with all the best components. As with all BULLS ebikes, the Monster E FS comes with a 2-year warranty and 5-years on the frame.

The Top 10 Best Electric Bikes of 2018 Include:

  • BULLS DAIL-E Grinder
  • Vintage Electric Cafe
  • Bulls SIX50+ E FS 3
  • Enzo Ebike
  • X-Treme Baja
  • BULLS Monster E FS
  • X-Treme Summit
  • IZIP E3 Dash
  • Magnum Metro
  • Surface 604 Rook
  • X-Treme Alpine Trails
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