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Published 12/11/2012

The Marketplace offers comparison shopping on all of the best Electric Bicycles sold on the web. According to their marketplace statistics, here are the ten most popular electric bikes for adults!

10) e-Moto Velocity 1.0 : This is a great entry-level hybrid bike which combines the best of two worlds: the practicality of a standard road bike and the cool comfortable feel of a cruiser.

9) IZIP E3 Zuma: The E3 Zuma from IZIP is an Electric Bicycle with old-school charm and stylish looks, but cutting-edge design technology. This classic cruiser is sure to meet all your performance needs while looking great.

8) BionX PL-350 Kit w/ Pre- Built 700c Wheel: Already have a good bike? Want to make it even better? In around half an hour, convert it into an advanced, efficient electric-assist bicycle with this conversion kit from BionX.

7) X-Treme XB-562: This flexible X-Treme Electric Bike has fully adjustable electric power assistance: it can be ridden without any artificial help, as usual, it can run entirely on its electric engine, or anywhere in-between.

6) EG Kyoto Electric Bicycle: This bike comes with a powerful, efficient 200W motor, advanced Li-ion battery, and three modes of operation, allowing you to choose between a fully-manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic ride.

5) Ultra Motors A2B Metro: A powerful electric motor speeds this fashionably-designed bike along, and provides a smooth, easy ride. Most of the machinery, including the advanced lithium battery, is hidden within the tubing of the frame--that way, no bulky parts spoil the modern design of this bike.

4) Prodeco Phantom X Folding: This is a bike that is so finely engineered that it had its own 6V 12Ah LiFePO4 2000 charge cycle Li-ion removable battery custom-designed for it. The Phantom X is designed for police work, so it's tough, fast and can take even the steepest hills with ease.

3) X-Treme XB-700Li: X-Treme has done it again with this ultra high-end electric bike: the XB-700Li. This bad boy has tons of excellent features and bonuses. The electric motor comes in at a whopping 700 watts, and allows you to whiz along at up to 20 miles per hour for up to a maximum range of 35 miles--and without any pedaling whatsoever! Being classified as an electric bicycle means that you can ride the XB-700Li without a driver's license in most places. However, please make sure to contact your local DMV/BMV to make sure.

2) eZip Women's Trailz: This Women's Electric Bicycle is tons of fun and a value without equal. The bike features a straight-forward design that will keep calling you back on the road. It is a strong battery operated bicycle that is an absolute pleasure to ride for both recreation and transportation. An LED status display will let you know when the battery is fully charged after six to eight hours.

… and the most popular stand-up Electric Bicycle for adults according to the Marketplace is ...

1) X-Treme XB-300Li: This is an excellent out-of-the box Electric Bike that is specially tailored to beginners. The convenient 300-watt hub motor is run off of lightweight and modern lithium-ion batteries. Plenty of top-notch features come standard on this bike: a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame, smart charger, and even a toolbox are just a few of the things you can expect on this all-around favorite.


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