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Published 11/16/2010

What is the Electric Car? is not only a question that most of us might ask ourselves in the face of the increasing public demand for greener products, but it's also the title of the new documentary by Nemours Marketing and Dasotli Digital.

When you hear the words "electric car," perhaps widespread criticisms like "they're slow, they're too small, they can't go far," or "they're too expensive" may come to mind.

The makers of the film are... all too aware of these common misconceptions; they have made this film with the aim to, not only dispel some of the misinformation out there but to "educate and motivate consumers to become Electric Vehicle owners, which will result in less dependency on a depleting oil supply, a greener planet and a better future for our children."

This documentary attempts to "trace the early history of EVs [Electric Vehicles] and continue forward 100 years later to follow the re-birth of an entire industry."

What is the Electric Car? is a must-see for Car Enthusiasts and the general public alike.

If you happen to be in Florida, California, or New York, you can visit their website here to see if you can attend one of their premieres.

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