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Gas Guzzlin’ Blues

Gas prices got you down? You’ve got the Gas Guzzlin’ Blues, my friend. Here’s a great song from John Vosel’s album “Acoustically Blue” that captures the moment. Songwriter: John Vosel’s Albulm: “Acoustically Blue” Now you can raise my rent, And you can raise my taxes, But, good god, have you seen What the price of gas is? It’s burning me up, I got them gas guzzling blues Now I can’t afford to drive.....

Published on 09/30/11 Read Article
Big Oil Clings to Tax Breaks, Hoarding Billions

As you all know, President Barack Obama has unveiled his plan to reduce the deficit recently. It includes measures that would help “reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 12 years, including raising $1.5 trillion by closing special interest loopholes and other revenue raisers.”

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$15/Gallon Gas? Here’s What We Don't Pay!

The Price of Gas is an animated short that has been produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting. Their purpose is to give the average American consumer, a better understanding of the hidden costs of fuel. (Video featured below).

Published on 09/27/11 Read Article
A Day To Move Beyond Fossil Fuel

March 24th will usher in the third annual Moving Planet event. This is an international affair where concerned people from all across the globe unite for a cause that affects us all. Communities from the United States, Bangladesh, Cameroon, and Indonesia, to name only a few, will put their demands for climate action into motion by marching, biking, skating, scooting, or with other means of sustainable movement in a symbolic gesture to convince humanity to go beyond fossil fuels...

Published on 09/23/11 Read Article
Wall Street Oil Speculation Drives Up Cost Of Gas

Public Citizen is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to serving as the ”people’s voice in the nation’s capital since 1971." And now they are taking on reckless Oil Speculation by Wall Street traders. Excessive Oil Speculation has the effect of driving up energy costs. As a result, Americans end up paying more for fuel. For “every gallon of gas you buy, 65 to 70 cents goes right into the pockets of Wall Street traders.”

Published on 09/23/11 Read Article
Electric Cars Are Back, Baby!

It seems that public interest in the electric car has recently been rekindled. Events like the Frankfurt Motor Show last week (which featured 100 new electric cars) proves to be a far cry from 2006 when Director Chris Paine’s film Who killed the Electric Car was first shown in theatres.

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GasHole on LinkTV Saturday Night

“Our excessive dependence on foreign oil is a clear and present danger.” -President Carter, 1980. GasHole is the latest documentary, directed by Scott Roberts and Jeremy Wagener, to attempt to shed light on the questionable practices of American Oil Companies. The film examines the nation’s sordid history in regards to setting oil prices, and takes a much-needed look at the plausibility of “affordable alternatives to petroleum fuel.” .......

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24 Hours of Reality Starts Today

One of the most severe prices we pay doesn't come at the pump. It comes in the form of Climate Change. 24 Hours of Reality is a live streaming event that focuses on the climate crisis. We'll hear from 24 presenters, from 24 time zones. Al Gore will host beginning at 5pm PST today. To tune in, visit at 5pm PST today. You'll hear from impacted communities ALL over the planet, hear their stories... and share. What is "24 Hours of Reality?"...

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Tom Hanks Rides Scooter On The Big Screen

In this Romantic Comedy, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts cross paths when Julia Roberts character teaches a class that Tom Hanks' character, Larry Crowne, is taking. Larry is the number one empoyee at his job until he gets fired for not having sufficient educational training. Larry decides to go back to school and in the process, he picks up a scooter and is introduced to a new lifestyle that is sparked by the scooter and the group that Larry Crowne starts to become a part of. The movie was directed at Scooterists across the globe and includes many different types of scooters and people riding them.

Published on 07/07/11 Read Article
Norman The Dog Rides a Human Scooter!!!

Norman the Scooter-Riding Dog rides a human scooter, which looks to be a Nextsport Fuzion Asphalt Ultimate Carving Machine Scooter! What better way to show off your pups "talents" than to film them riding a scooter and putting it on Youtube? LOL! Norman the scooter-riding dog is so amazing that he started a Facebook page for himself!? OMG!?...

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Burning Man Moves By Home Made Transportation

Burning man is not easy to explain, and if you try to look burning man up, you will get the same answer from most that have been there. “You have to go to understand Burning Man.” Flocks of unique-minded liberal party survivalists migrate to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to form a temporary community to host a giant art show. The art ranges from Body-art to home-made vehicles, structures, games, rides, and interesting experiments....

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Lose Weight As You Beat High Gas Prices

Gas prices are climbing up and above the $4.50+ per gallon mark, and people will fill up their cars with expensive gas, regardless. The price increase affects everyone, so learn what you can do to avoid high prices at the pump. There are many ways to reduce your automotive uses, while having fun, helping the environment, your health, and traffic congestion. Bicycles, Scooters, and e-bikes are the most efficient ways to reduce your car use.

Published on 05/26/11 Read Article