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1001 Ways to Stop Being a Gas-Hole: It’s a Money Saving, Global Warming, National Security Thing announces upgrades to its Alternative Transportation Marketplace including price comparison functionality and hundreds of new products. When used in place of a car for local travel, products like electric scooters, gas scooters and electric bikes are money saving, reduce global warming and improve national security.

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Tips On How To Use Less Gas & Save Money

Demand for oil is increasing worldwide and there's only so much of it left in the ground. Prices are going up, whether we like it or not. The US Dept. of Defense says demand and climate change will create more wars. Whether you want to save money, support national security (reduce dependence on foreign oil), stop climate change or simply do it for clean and healthy air... it's time we start getting by with less.

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Go-Ped Scooters Quality Production Process

Go-Ped Scooters are the highest quality electric, gas, and push powered scooters on the market. What sets Go-Ped apart from the other scooter manufacturers is their superior quality, fit-and-finish, and top notch customer service representatives that help you when you have an issue. Some of the Chinese manufactured products are assembled in China and then sit on a boat for weeks, exposed to the elements, before even getting to the dealer. Go-Ped does not make your scooter until you order it, and when they do make it, Go-Ped makes your scooters in the United States of America...

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iPad Giveaway: Chimpanzee Riding On A Go-Ped is giving away a free iPad in our latest contest. The contest has already begun and was announced this Friday; all you need to do to have a chance of winning is to watch our latest video, "Chimpanzee Riding on a Go-Ped," and then correctly guess who's in the gorilla suit. We have provided a number of clues that will help you track down the correct answer. A correct guess gets you entered into the drawing to win an Apple iPad!

Published on 12/07/10 Read Article
Chimpanzee Riding On A Goped!?

"Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway" was an internet SENSATION that developed in response to a YouTube video of a chimpanzee named Pan-Kun, riding a Segway on a Japanese game show. The video was so popular that it turned into a meme and was spun off in every direction possible. There are "Hardcore" edits, remixes, catchy songs coupled with edits from the original, and now a new revision titled, "Chimpanzee Riding on a Go-Ped" from with a celeb-reality star in a gorilla suit, original scoring, and wild live footage!

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What is the Electric Car?

What is the Electric Car? is not only a question that most of us might ask ourselves in the face of the increasing public demand for greener products, but it's also the title of the new documentary by Nemours Marketing and Dasotli Digital. When you hear the words "electric car," perhaps widespread criticisms like "they're slow, they're too small, they can't go far," or "they're too expensive" may come to mind...

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Chevrolet Volt TV Commercial

Advancements were slowing into the 1980's, 1990's, and into the 2000's, but the push towards clean renewable energy sources is stronger than ever, and General Motors re-entering the market with their new electric hybrid, the Chevy Volt. Chevrolet has been at the forefront of Automotive Technological Advancements since the beginning of automotive history and will continue to be a part well into the future.

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What Happens When You Give A Chimp A Segway?

Segways, Lets Give One To a Chimpanzee? See What Happens... Segway Electric Personal Transporters are so simple that even a Chimp can do it. No, literally, a Chimp rides a Segway i2, and learns how it works after about 3 minutes. This little Chimpanzee, Pan-kun, celebrates his 7th birthday with a Segway i2. The result is amazing and proves that the Segway i2 personal electric transporter is so easy that even a Chimp can do it. Instinctual motions and muscle memory become natural to riders within seconds of being introduced to a Segway Electric Transporter (scooter?)...

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Scooter Flamethrower !!DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME!!

Scooters are generally considered environmentally friendly, conservative, and conventional, right? WRONG! This video shows some pretty outrageous tactics for customizing your scooter, but does not recommend that anyone try this at home. Electric and gas scooters are usually used to transport 1-2 people from one place to another, but adding a flamethrower to your scooter will definitely cause you to lose the passenger carrying capabilities. Electric and Gasoline powered scooters are a great platform for customizations and modifications. Electric scooters can power many accessories with their large battery capacity. Gasoline scooters are faster and more powerful than electric scooters, so you should consider this before purchasing a gasoline scooter, or electric scooter.

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An Interview with our Company President

Our company President, Frank Minero, is an alumni of USC and was approached by their newest publication, Neon Tommy, for an interview about Living Green. Neon Tommy is a "weekly series" that focuses on green living. Being more eco-friendly is something that has been committed to since its début in 2002.

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New For 2010! UrbanScooters Marketplace And Blog

The Marketplace has been completely overhauled, improving upon the already useful search tool for scooters, and anything scooter related. The Marketplace section of displays a network of sites that carry similar products to The price comparison engine is able to take multiple scooters and compare them side-by-side, so you can see the differences right in front of you. The price comparison engine will display all of the most popular brands and styles for you to decide between.

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Have You Seen Our Infomercial?

f you get the America One cable broadcast network or Hamptons TV (Suffolk County, NY), you probably saw the infomercial we broadcast in the Spring. The infomercial features some of our best quality Go-Ped Scooters. Go-Ped is's brand of choice, and one of the more popular Go-Ped products is the Go-Ped, ESR750ex electric scooter. The ESR750ex is in a class all by itself. It's perfect for commuters, pleasure riders and electric enthusiasts alike. On top of that, it's clean, quiet and environmentally friendly.

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