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Uberscoot Scooters

UberScoot is one of the best electric scooter brands on the market! UberScoot launched in 2006 in South Africa. The company crafts innovative electric scooters, gas scooters and motorbikes for on-road and off-road use. UberScoot has a long line of popular electric scooters dating back to 1998. 

Over the years, Mike Puzey secured several patents for leading-edge technology now found in UberScoot was able to secure top patents for gas and electric scooters. These patents include; a position lock (aka posi-lock) folding frame system, a two-speed gearbox, a reduction drive system, and a micro canter-lever braking system.

UberScoot brand scooters include; a quick release seat, linkage suspension, exchangeable batteries, and one-touch chain and drive belt adjustment system. Find a starter electric scooter here!