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Comfort Bikes

Comfort Bikes fall in the Hybrid Bike category. Have you ever seen an older Roadster Bike? These are the modern version of those; they now carry updated parts, such as derailleur gears in place of hub gears. They generally have a Mountain Bike frame for an upright riding position, wide seats and their wheels tend to fall within 26-inches, but this varies. These Comfort Bikes are perfect for commuting to work or school, but are also great for recreation.

Feel free to peruse the Comfort Bikes section of the Marketplace. The Marketplace offers comparison pricing on all the top brands including, Diamondback, Giant, Kawasaki, Huffy, Mongoose, Schiwnn and much more. This includes Women's bikes, Men's Bikes and Kid's Bikes. Just click on one of the many featured products and compare prices from any number of well trusted manufacturers. You can filter your results by price or one of the brands.

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