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Torker Unicycles

Torker is a brand of vehicles that is owned by The Torker Company. Torker offers of a huge variety of transportation devices including Bikes, Electric Hybrids, Adult Tricycles, Utility Bikes, Kids Bikes and Unicycles. Their products are known to be durable, well built, and of the highest caliber. Not to mention that they are a perfect solution for those looking for short distance travel options.

Unicycles are like bicycles, except they have a single wheel and are less complex. The word is perhaps most associated with Circus acts; talented folks juggling bowling pins while balancing on this one wheeled contraption! These simple vehicles date as far back as the late 19th century, but are still as fun now as they were back then. In fact, they seem to have made resurgence of late. If you are looking for a fun and healthy hobby that will impress your friends look no further!

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