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E-Glide Power Boards

E-Glide is a brand of Electric Skate boards. The brand is owned by E-Glide Electric Skateboards, and they have been in been in business since 2003. They are located in Santa Monica, CA and are the only Company that does not import pre-made electric skate boards from China. They manufacture in the US! Electric Skate boards are also known as Power Boards.

Powerboards are simply Skateboards that have an electric engine and run on electric batteries; the thrust is usually controlled with an RF remote. With these, you no longer need to propel the board with your feet; the motor does it for you. Fun Fact: skateboards first became popular during the 1960s as a means for surfers to practice when they could not ride waves. In fact, skateboarding used to be called street surfing!

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