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Belts take a beating and are one of the most commonly replaced parts. The Marketplace lists drive belts for electric scooters, gas scooters, pocket bikes, ATV's, full sized street scooters and other styles of recreational vehicles that have a belt driven drive system. Belts compatible with brands such as Bladez, Razor, IZIP, eZip, X-Treme Scooters, Tanaka, Honda, Vento are on sale along with hundreds of other brands and off-brand recreational vehicles are available.

The belt section of the Marketplace, our comparison shopping engine, lists belts from top brands and select merchants. It's sure to help you find the best price, a deep discount or cheap deal on the belt you need.

To find the belt you need, simply match the specs on your current belt with the specs on those below. If you can't find the proper numbers written on your belt, measure it as follows; The first 3 numbers are the total length in millimeters, the second set of numbers is the spacing between the teeth in millimeters and the third set of numbers is the width of the drive belt in millimeters. On occasion, a belt may list these measurements in a different order.

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