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The Bladez section of the Marketplace holds OEM parts as well as non-OEM scooter parts compatible with the now discontinued, top quality, Bladez line of electric and gas scooters.

Bladez built electric scooters under the Ion and XTR brand names as well as gas scooters under the names Moby and Tanaka. Big Boy, EVO and X-Treme Scooters A-Blaze series scooters are very similar to Bladez and the parts listed here are typically compatible with those brands, too.

Bladez manufactured the following electric scooters: the Ion (150, 350 and 450), the XTR (250 eLite, 300, 300 eLite, 450, 450 S, 450 SE, Street 450, Comp 2 500W, Comp 3 500W, HD 550, Comp 4 800W, Comp 5, Comp 8, Street and Street 2), the Bladez Powerboard 300, EX 350, 500 SE and 500 SE-S.

Bladez manufactured the following gas scooters: the Moby (X 22cc - 30cc, XS 23cc - 33cc, S 33, S 35, Comp 35, Cruz'R, XL 40, XL 40 Comp, 47RR and 47 Comp), the Tanaka Paverunner (GS, GX and 47), the Bladez XL50 Powerboard, 2 Speed 10 inch Wheel and 2 Speed Mag Wheel.

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