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Currie Parts

You've found the Currie Parts section of the Marketplace, our comparison shopping engine. Here you'll find the best price on top parts from Currie Technologies and the various brand names they manufacturer. Since their inception in 1997, Currie Tech has manufactured electric scooters, electric bikes and adult electric tricycles under the following brand names; IZIP, eZip, eFlow, Currie, Schwinn, GT, and Mongoose. Their current production line consists of the eFlow, IZIP and eZip brands.

Currie electric scooter parts can be found on sale for the following Currie built scooters;

eZip: E-750, 1000 Fusion, E-1000, E-500, EZ2 Nano, E-4.5, E-450, EZ3 Nano and E-400. IZIP: 200, 300, 400, 750, Fusion 1000, Skate Wheel and Stealth 130. Schwinn: F-18, Missile FS, Fly FS, Zone 5, Metro 750, Wildcat 750, Mini-E, New Frontier, S150, S180, S2508, S350, X1000 and X-Cel. Mongoose: M250, Cosmic, Rocket FS, Hornet FS, Fusion, Impact, M350, Mini-E and M-200. Currie: Phat Flyer, E-Force and Scoot-E. GT: Mini-E, GT-200, Kobra, Trailz, GT2508, GT350, Shockwave, Tsunami, XR750, RC750 and Asteroid.

Currie electric bike parts and Currie electric trike parts for the following Currie models can be found at a cheap price;

eFlow: E3 Nitro. eZip: Skyline, Trailz, Via Rapido, Eco Ride, Tri-Ride, Eco Ride 2 and Trailz Commuter. IZIP: E3 Metro, E3 Ultra, E3 Compact, E3 Path, E3 Vibe, E3 Zuma, Express Special Edition, Hg-1000, Electric Commuter, EZGO and Street Enlightened Hybrid.

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