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Go-Ped Quads

Beginning in 1985 with a prototype for a new motorized personal transportation device, the Go-Ped brand was born. Over the years, their designs have been fine tuned for ergonomics, form, function, and handling through testing, racing, and pushing their machines to the limits. Go-Ped has built a solid reputation worldwide for top quality racing machines.

Go-Ped Go-Quads are the fastest, highest performing karts in their class. Their entry level model, the Super Go-Quad 30 is a proven winner on the track. The Super Go-Quad 46 boasts their powerful GP460RS engine and drive trail. The Go-Ped Trail Ripper Quad takes the experience off-road!

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  Go-Ped Super Go-Quad 30
$1,043.95 $1,399.95
  Go-Ped Super Go-Quad 46
$1,299.95 $1,599.95
  Go-Ped Trail Ripper Quad
$1,979.95 $2,599.95