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Kickbike America Push Scooters

Kickbike America is a brand of Kickbike that is manufactured by the Kickbike America Company. A Kickbike is a sort of like a cross between a Bicycle and a Scooter. Like a Scooter, it has a platform, but it has a front tire like a Bike. Unlike a Bike, this vehicle has no pedals, and you move it like a scooter. Also, it’s Person-Powered, so it’s great for the environment. If you are on a downhill slope, then you can just use gravity to your advantage. Kick Bikes are an excellent way to stay in shape. According to the Company, when using their product you use “the same muscles as running, yet is lower impact. In fact, a Kickbike workout uses even more muscles than running.”

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  Kickbike City G4
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