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S. Tarver & Associates
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September, 16 2003

Summary: Upon visiting the website, our first impression is that the graphics and banners are comic-book-like and cartoony. The site appears to be designed to catch the eye and attention of a child or teenaged demographic, rather than a presumably more serious adult consumer. Content-wise, however, we are pleased to discover that this colorfully animated website will exceed the expectations of most discerning shoppers.

Aside from being a user-friendly site, which it is, goes much further. This family-owned and operated online retailer does an excellent job of setting itself apart from its would-be competitors, and immediately establishes real credibility in its virtual environment. The homepage consists of a comprehensive navigation menu including, but not limited to, information on scooter safety and scooter laws. The site boasts being the #1 trafficked website of its kind in the USA. This is not difficult to believe since the site is educating its buyers. People want real information, not sales pitches and a plethora of promises. Facts are delivered here. It's very effective.

Of course, the success of a website is not determined by the amount of traffic it receives, but rather how the traffic which does visit is influenced. With a combination of caring customer service provided at, and heavy traffic, it seems inevitable that this website will continue to prosper.

The copywriting is professional and concise, without smoke and mirrors to entice sales. The layout is logical, sequential, and easy at-a-glance. Shoppers can choose to browse by the "price, brand, or speed" desired. Illustrations are provided, not only for the scooters featured, but for parts and accessories. The simple slogan "Brands you trust, Service you count on" rings true when reviewing the ample inventory and familiarizing oneself with the overall policies.

Although the site lacks customer testimonials, which might have been an added marketing plus, online visitors still sense that has a personality... and that the merchant is trustworthy. It feels possible to "shop with confidence" as stated. The latest technology is employed to ensure that credit card information is encrypted and protected. To top it all off, shipping is free.

We rate a site highly when it does more than deliver information. This site delivers satisfaction. is doing its part to make the dot-com industry proud again.