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Motorized Scooter & Electric Bike Laws


The laws and regulations that govern the operation of motorized scooters, electric bikes, and pocket bikes vary from state to state. In addition, enforcement may vary from city to city. Before purchase, we recommend contacting your local law enforcement agency, DMV, and insurance carrier to obtain the most up to date and accurate information for your area.

In addition, check local laws for a motorized scooter, electric bike, and pocket bike helmet certification requirements. They may require that helmets adhere to ANSI, Snell or DOT certification standards. CPSC certified helmets are approved for use with push scooters, skateboards, and bikes, but are not considered sufficient head protection when riding motorized scooters, electric bikes, and pocket bikes.

For information regarding Federal Electric Bike Law, see HR 727, an amendment to the Consumer Product Safety Act regarding Low-Speed Electric Bicycles.

It's the customer's responsibility to check all local laws and regulations prior to purchase. Our standard return policy will apply with no special consideration on all returns due to restrictions in your area.

California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 Emissions Law

California has strict emissions standards which make 99% of all gas scooters and gas powered pocket bikes illegal for sale or use in this state for purposes other than closed course competition. In addition to all other local and state usage laws and regulations, the gas scooter or pocket bike must comply with California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 exhaust emissions standards.

If you live in California, please be aware of this law when selecting a gas powered scooter or pocket bike for purchase. If you live outside of California you may want to purchase a California emissions compliant gas scooter or pocket bike for other reasons. They're cleaner (less polluting) and not as noisy as non-compliant gas scooters and pocket bikes.

The only gas powered scooter that is currently legal for sale in California is the Go-Ped GSR Pro-Ped Cruiser.

For more information about gas powered scooter and pocket bike law in California, click here. is a California based business and stands by its state's emission laws. It is our policy to never sell gas scooters or pocket bikes that are not California C.A.R.B. Tier 2 compliant to customers in California.