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At, we’ve got you covered so you can shop with confidence while finding the ride of your dreams.

Experience Goes A Long Way: Since our launch in 2002, we've helped tens of thousands of happy customers find the ride of their dreams. We’re personal transportation specialists and look forward to finding the perfect ride for you.

Our Pricing Can't Be Beat: We’ve been the low price leader since 2002! Our reduced overhead and volume pricing help us give you the best deal. We offer a 110% Price Match Guarantee, Free Shipping and Comparison Shopping.

Service You Count On: We’re known nationwide for our expertise and gold star service. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect ride and is standing by to answer questions after you take it home. Every product we sell is covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

Brands You Trust: We hand-pick all products sold and take pride in separating the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot of unsupported, poor quality, off-brand clones on the market. We do our research so you don’t have to. We only list quality brands from manufacturer's with a solid foot-hold in the industry.

Largest Selection Online: You’ll find the largest selection of personal transportation online, right here! How do we do it? We sell many products directly… and list all other quality products sold online, too. Buy from us or Comparison Shop and buy from one of our trusted merchant partners. As long as you get the ride of your dreams, our job is done.

The Info You Need: All the info you need to make an informed decision can be found at You’ll find detailed descriptions, specifications, blogs, buying guides, reviews, videos and many other resources at your fingertips.

Hacker Secure: We’re hosted by ZeroLag Communications. ZeroLag believes there are several important factors in maintaining good security, and places emphasis on all of them. These methods include three core layers of protection: regular software updates, firewall protection, and intelligent Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). These three layers have protected ZeroLag servers from every attempted break-in to date. ZeroLag is dedicated to the highest levels of service, stability, and security.

Secure Online Ordering: Your security and trust are of the utmost importance to us. That's why we offer third party verification of our security practices and legal authority to operate online. All billing and credit card information is protected by secure server software (SSL) encryption. Your personal information is encrypted so it can not be read as it travels across the Internet.

We Sell Parts: When buying online, it's important to have a reliable source of replacement parts. Over time you may blow a tire, tear a drive belt, or blow a gasket. Our phone lines are flooded with calls from people who can't find parts for unsupported off-brand scooters and clones. In many cases we can't help and the product has to be scrapped. That's why we carry replacement parts (or offer a referral to a source for parts) for everything we sell.

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