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X-Treme Extended Warranty Options

X-Treme eBikes & Scooters offers two extended warranty options;

X-Treme ONE YEAR Extended Warranty

Covers your bike from manufacturer defect and workmanship on all components for ONE YEAR after your original one year warranty ends. The total warranty period is TWO Years!

X-Treme LIFETIME Extended Warranty

Your entire bicycle, end-to-end, is covered for manufacturer’s defects and workmanship of all components for LIFE. That's FREE replacement parts for the life of your bike …and the lifetime warranty covers punctured (or worn out) tires and tubes!

Extended Warranty Details

Batteries will be warrantied on a pro-rated basis. Warranty does not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. Shipping & handling is included on the first and second parts shipment during the original standard warranty period. After that, shipping and handling will be the responsibility of the customer. The extended warranty begins the day after your original warranty ends.

Warranty is limited not to exceed one set of tires per year unless there is a manufacturer defect. Tube replacement will remain at X-Treme’s discretion not to exceed a sensible amount. Tire and tube replacement is only available through the lifetime warranty and not X-Treme's standard warranty or one year extended warranty.

About X-Treme

X-Treme has been a leader in the electric bike industry for over 10 years and the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty!