Allsport Dynamics 147 MX-2 Ankle Brace -
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Allsport Dynamics 147 MX-2 Ankle Brace

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Worn by professional motorcycle riders Shae Bentley, Brian Deegan and Robbie Reynard, the Allsport Ankle® 147 MX-2 incorporates a low profile design that allows it to fit into most motocross boots. This feature in addition to the SPS Split Pad design and Velstretch strapping makes it the most versatile of the Allsport Ortho line.The Allsport Ankle® has been proven to be equally effective in the acute, rehabilitation & long term phases of ankle management. It has also been effective in providing protective support and impact protection to help prevent injury and re-injury of the ankle. The Allsport Ankle is a patented anatomically correct ankle brace designed to be worn comfortably on a daily basis. The Allsport Ankle can effectively replace any ankle brace you are currently using.

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