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Allsport Dynamics IMC Sport Wrist Brace

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All the great features of the Standard IMC Wrist; Injection Molded frame, open palm design, reduction of hyperextension risk, unrestricted movement engineering... without the lace up fitting system.
Allsport IMC Wrist SPORT featuring the unique VEC-variable Extension Control is an off-the-shelf wrist brace engineered to limit the extension of the wrist with 60° of extension stop built into the brace frame.
Three additional extension stops are included (0°, 20°, 40°) to allow for increased range of motion of the wrist.
This is accomplished with a patent-pending, bi-axial, articulating hinge system that also allows side to side movement of the wrist.
The IMC SPORT featuring the Single Strap System with the open-palm design is comfortable and limits the obstruction of the rider's grip, while the rigid dorsal frame provides stability and support.
The frame is constructed of an injection molded, high-strength composite material.

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