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Bel-Ray 6 In 1, Part #172-120

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Bel-Ray 6 In 1 Superior Penetrating & Lubricating Fluid available in 175 ML and 400 ML. Bel-Ray 6 In 1 contains anti-wear additives that provide high film strength to this exceptional penetrating and lubricating fluid. Bel-Ray 6 In 1 cleans as it lubricates, protects against rust and corrosion, displaces water and reduces friction. Bel-Ray 6 In 1 will not harm electrical contacts, vinyl, wood or paint. Some of the many uses include external moving parts, automatic chokes, battery terminals, threads, cables, hinges, ignition parts and locks. not for sale in Canada Choose from 175 ML or 400 ML. Eliminates Squeaking. Protects Against Corrosion. Loosens & Prevents Rust. Will Not Harm Electrical Contacts.

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