Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner, Part #172-126 -
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Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner, Part #172-126

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Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner, High-Power Solvent. Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner is a unique low VOC product specifically designed to clean and degrease all metal surfaces. This unique product will clean brake components and remove carbon and oil build-up. It dries in seconds leaving no residue. Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner can be used to clean fouled spark plugs, carburetor parts, gear boxes and other engine parts as well as other areas that require a quick drying spray. Should not be used on painted surfaces or come into repeated or prolonged contact with plastic or rubber materials. not for sale in Canada 400 ML. High-Power Solvent. Fast Drying. Leaves No Residue. Cleans & Degreases Metal Surfaces.

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