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Belize Tri Rider 20" Adult Tricycle

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We are thrilled to present the superbly manufactured Tri Rider adult trikes. Finally for the first time they are available outside of Canada. Do not be confused with cheap imitations - these are the real Tri Riders! Enjoy cycling without the need to balance. They are more stable then regular two wheeled bikes, so if balance is not your strong suit, consider this good alternative.

The Standard Model includes a large sprung seat, big basket, adjustable handlebars, coaster brake model, 3 Fenders and a reflector kit. The minimum inseam length: 24" (8" adjustment range) and it requires some assembly. The optional Electric Version also includes a powerful electric hub 36 volt motor using 12V, 12Ah batteries, hub motor, key ignition/controller, battery pack with charger. Pedaling or pushing is required under 2-3 mph.

  • Weight (lbs) : 201 & up
  • # of Wheels : Three
  • Wheel Size (in) : 20”
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