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BIG 29er

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The BIG 29er is an Adult Sized Bicycle that is well-suited to big and tall riders. Standard Adult Bikes typically have a 26" wheel, which is not enough for those who have a large frame, or more mass or are around 6'2" tall. Being big and tall has it's benefits, but unfortunately when it comes to bike shopping, getting a bike that is built to fit in both height and weight can be a big challenge.

This is why the BIG 29er is the ideal bike for Big folks. This Adult Bicycle is built with 29" wheels. Rider instantly gain a fe inches with the bigger wheels, and the frame is built proportionately bigger, too/ Because of this tall Bicyle enthusiasts can finally have a comfortable ride! With standard Bikes most manufacturers don't compare with the Big 29er in the weight that their bikes are built to hold.

They stick to the 200 +/- rule. What they don't realize is that most very tall people weigh more than 200 lbs--even ones that are not, overweight. It has a chro-molly seatpost and an extra more stable seat collar as well. The handle bars are broad, and this bike has more upright seat made of chro-molly that puts the rider in a fun, easy-to-maintain position.

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