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Bike Friday Tikit, the fastest folding folding-bike

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Bike Friday's Tikit is a joy to ride, fold, and own. Bike Friday is one of the last U.S. based bicycle manufacturers. Their business model is based on a passion for cycling. To quote them: "The bicycle is one of the best things ever invented by humans. We love bicycles." This passion is reflected in the Tikit folding bike. With 16x1-3/8" wheels, you'll find that acceleration and handling are two of the Tikit's strong points, both of which are excellent qualities for the frequent starting and stopping encountered with urban riding. The Schwalbe Marathon tires also offer excellent protection against flats without adding too much rolling resistance. As such, you get the best of both worlds: a quick moving folding bike with durable tires. The Tikit folding bicycle offers height adjustments in both the seat post and the handlebar stem and comes in three sizes (your classic 'small,' 'medium,' and 'large'), so no matter your size or how you're proportioned the Tikit will be able to comfortably fit you. The Tikit also offers a unique folding mechanism within the folding bike community. Essentially, when the seat post is folded down an attached cable running underneath the bike is given some slack, and this reduction in tension allows for the rest of the Tikit bike to fold. It isn't easily described, but once you see it and try it for yourself you'll find that it's extremely fun. The fold is simple, quick (one of the fastest folds on the market), and greatly enjoyable to perform. There are some actions that are just plain fun, that give you an indescribable sense of satisfaction every time you do them: bowing and flexing a laminated piece of paper to create that "wop-wop" sound, popping open the swing-top cap on a bottle of Grolsch, and now folding and unfolding a Tikit on the go.

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