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BionX Electric Bicycle Motor - Intelligent Bike Conversion Syste

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The BionX electric bicycle system converts almost any bike into an electric assisted or electric powered bike. The bike is powered by an efficient and powerful direct drive motor encased in the rear wheel.(gear-less / brush-less). Equipped with magnetic field drive technology, the external magnets (wheel) turn whereas the stator does not. One benefit of the hub motor is the lack of friction inside the motor which eliminates wear on the motor. BionX electric bike system... - is the lightest weight electric bike kits available - features silent operation - is the most efficient on the market (greatest range per charge) - incorporates torque-sensor technology that reads your input and assist you automatically - you just ride your bike and let the system do the rest - What a wonderful experience. - includes a programmable anti-theft alarm, odometer, battery charge gauge, energy transfer gauge, and an optional throttle.

Assistance: The level of electrical assistance is determined by your pre-set on the dash-panel and monitored through a super smooth torque-sensor inside the motor. If you decide to go with the throttle option you will be able to ride on power only if need be. Using a microprocessor, the intelligent system is measuring your pedal input via torque-sensor technology and provides power assist as needed.

Re-Generation: The BionX system is one of the only electric bicycle systems which recharges the batteries while the bike is ridden. The two methods used for recharging while riding are regenerative braking and the generation mode. Regenerative braking uses the motor in reverse to help slow the bike as well as charge the battery. In addition the controller has four modes of generation which provide increasing levels of resistance and charging while pedaling. The first two levels of generation are useful when riding on flat pavement when you're excess pedaling power can help charge the batteries. The third and fourth levels of generation provide increased resistance and are mostly used in steep downhill sections as well as part of a cardiac workout. However, the generation provides at a maximum 10-15 percent of the charging power needed.
Installation: The BionX system can be installed on a tandem, folding bike or recumbent - basically almost any bicycle with a standard derailleur shifting system. The BionX system is designed to be installed in about 1 to 3 hours and the detailed instruction as well as over the phone assistance from a NYCeWheels specialist makes installation straightforward and simple.

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