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BionX PL350 Hub Motor Wheel Replacement System Lithium Ion

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The BionX system can be installed on most bicycles by replacing the rear wheel with the BionX motor-wheel. The BionX system can be retrofitted on all bicycle models: road, mountain, tandem, folding, recumbent and recumbent trikes counting up to 27 speeds. With its brushless and maintenance free 350W motor weighing only 4.15 kg and its new hi-tech 3.1 kg 36V Lithium -Mn battery, BionX was able to create the ideal system. The battery for this electric bike wheel motor system is colored whote. The PL350 offers a much more powerful motor along with a Lithium Ion 36V battery containing near twice the amount of energy contained in the 24V NiMH battery. This system will please long distance riders as much as less experienced cyclists looking for a light system. The battery is installed on a rail using the water bottle holes allowing you to install and remove your battery within 5 seconds. No other battery can be installed/removed so easily. It is also possible to install the battery on a back carrier. Recharging the battery is simple. The BionX system includes a specific charger for each batter that detects and stops charging when the battery is full. At all times you know if the charger is still charging or if the charge is complete. Li-ion battery charger (2 Amp/h): recharges in approximately 4 hours, whether it is completely uncharged or not. It is also possible to recharge the battery while riding downhill or whilst braking.

* Wheel sizes available: 700c, 26"
* Standard drop-out: 135mm
* Installation with threaded free wheel
* Disk brake compatible
* Black rims and black spokes or chrome rim and spokes
* If the battery does not fit on the frame, it can be installed on a carrier.

Command Console

* Power-Assist: Controls the 4 assistance levels. The analog display, indicates the power supplied by the battery.
* Generation: Controls the 4 generative settings. The analog display indicates the energy transmitted to the battery.
* The console includes a multifunctional odometer that displays the following information: - Current speed - Tripmeter - Odometer - Chronometer - Average speed - Time
* The control console includes a battery charge indicator that helps you manage the battery charge in order to prevent running out of energy on the return trip.
* The console also includes an alarm system with a 4-digit PIN (personal identification number). When the alarm system is activated, two wheel turns are enough to set it off. From that moment, the motor goes into generative mode 4 and the alarm sounds.
* The power-assist maximum speed is adjusted to the regulations of the country where the system is delivered: - North America: 32 kph (20 mph) - Europe: 25 kph (15 mph)


* Battery 36V Li-ion
* Motor Generates 350W's
* Throttle is included The average distance traveled with the BionX PL350 is
* Mode 1: 90 km; Mode 2: 60 km; Mode 3: 45 km; Mode 4: 35 km

Technical Specifications

* 350W Motor
* Power: 350 W nominal and 700 W peak.
* Nominal torque: 10 N.m
* Maximum torque: 32 N.m 4
* Power-assist levels: The strain gauge allows the BionX motor to measure the rider's effort and boost the thrusting power by 35%, 75%, 150% or 300%, according to the selected assist level.
* Weight: 4 kg/8,8 lb

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