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Biria Electric Bicycle, BionX powered

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The Biria Electric Cruiser provides both the comfort and appearance of a cruising bicycle without the usual downsides, such as discomfort over long distances and at higher speeds.

This Electric Cruiser Bike boasts a super low, easy boarding frame. The Biria Electric Cruiser is a typical Biria EZ Boarding aluminum bicycle with a 350W NiMH BionX electric conversion system provided. The cruiser is ideal for short distance commuting and leisurely activities like spending the day pedaling along the boardwalk or through town running errands or admiring the view. However,  when the road gets hilly or the rain clouds start gathering, you have the power of a 350W motor to assist getting you up the hills or home quickly.

Using only the throttle, the bike will whisk you home before the rain at up to 18 mph without pedaling. If it is hills you are facing on your way home, use the pedal assist feature of the bike and the electric motor provides from 25, 50, 100 or 200% of electric assistance while you continue almost effortless pedaling.

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