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Bravo Pulse Slither Kick Scooter

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The Slither Drift Scooter's main features are it's rear swivel truck that permits riders to adjust the tension to adjust their ride, large front wheels with big wheels up front helps sustain balance. The molded anti-slip deck traction keeps rider's feet in place. The top performance knobbed hand grips enhance the rider's control; the integrated folding mechanism features a quick release neck and is constructed from high-tensile steel parts and components.
The manufacturer's recommended age is around 7 Years and Up. This Scooter is about 30" in height, 14.0"  length and has a width of 13.0" It weighs only around 19.0 pounds, making this a very light weight and portable vehicle.  This scooter has very sturdy components; its wheels are urethane and the material is steel.  It features an adjustable handlebar for height.
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